Greetings Ganja Lovers!


This is Aza, and I will be your Ganja Goddess Guide here at the GoodGanjaGoddess.

A little about me – I’m a longtime cannabis user for medical purposes (severe anxiety, anorexia [stress based], insomnia, ibs, and more) – even if my conditions don’t technically qualify for medical use in my state. Thankfully, the little Midwestern state I currently occupy is going totally legal as of January 2020. You can find more on the legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois (and the landmark cannabis conviction expungement program included in the legalization bill) at our sister site –

In celebration of the legalization in the corn state of Illinois – I wanted to make a new cannabis friendly site, dedicated to educating you on all things cannabis.

I want to include cannabis strain reviews (with terpene and cannabinoid profiles – our first set will come from another sister site – – just to get things going. Along with these detailed reviews based on multiple users experiences, Good Ganja Goddess will also feature Cannabis Art, Cannabis Tools and Rigs, Cannabinoid and Terpene explorations and education, and everything else you want to see, hear, or know about cannabis.

So, GoodGanjaGoddess will cover these things generally:

Cannabis strain reviews with profiles – get first hand subjective experiences with cannabis strains in the Illinois cannabis market.

Cannabinoid Education – Learn more about how cannabinoids alter the effects of your strains. There are hundreds of varieties so there is a ton to learn about cannabinoids.

Terpene Education – Learn more about how terpenes affect your cannabis and your body. They do more than just influence the scent of your favorite strains.

Cannabis Art – Share your cannabis art/photos/more and connect with people that want to see your stuff. Don’t forget to submit your photos along with your site/link/contact information. I wanna give you all the credit! (Find Aza Enigma on Twitter and Instagram to submit your stuff)

Cannabis Tools & Rigs – Find cool tools, toys, and smoking gear. I’ll be looking for affiliates that want to show their stuff and share their profits – at least I’m honest, eh?

Okay, so, I think that about covers the introductions. Of course, I will add and update as needed as we move forward. Here’s to the creation of a new cannabis community that brings smokers and tokers together to learn and enjoy that good ganja.

Love, peace, and chicken grease

Aza Enigma

Published by theFriendlyFelon

All things alternative and eye-opening information. Cannabis, kinks, rights, and recidivism are just the tip of the iceberg. Find my blogs - The Friendly Felon, the Good Ganja Goddess, or Canna and Kink - for more!

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